Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute

Mission Statement and Program Objectives

The mission for which Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute, LLC, was organized is to operate a school to provide enrolled individuals with affordable access to quality midwifery education that reflects the diverse needs and preferences of the women who seek midwifery care in their own communities. To achieve this goal, the school is invested in program objectives which prepare midwives to be skilled in the following:

  • Academic knowledge and skills consistent with the Midwives Model of Care as expressed in the standards outlined by the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA), the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) and the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM).
  • Clinical education in the apprenticeship model within a student's own community or aspired community.
  • Critical thinking that is socially conscious, involved and firmly set in a historical framework that advocates for pregnant women’s human rights as the decider of their own birth choices through informed consent and refusal/
  • Ethical decision making and peacemaking within a setting of community practice that honors, values and cherishes the varied gifts, talents and personalities that each unique midwife presents to consumers.
  • Humility, excellence and gratitude in passing midwifery knowledge on to the next generation of midwives through an understanding of the three-fold purpose of all midwives: student, caretaker and teacher.

Our Philosophy

Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute, LLC believes that midwives have been the hallmark of good female health since the beginning of time. In every culture and in every era, midwives have advocated for women and children, nurtured the next generation of mothers and championed the cause of women’s childbearing rights.

Today, midwives continue to serve in this way. Access to excellent education is paramount to the continuing of the midwifery model of care. We believe that along with affordable academics, student midwives also flourish when trained by the apprenticeship model in their own communities, working with the women they are already connected with. Additionally, student midwives need the same kind of nurturing that they will one day be expected to give their clients. Midwives are born best in a school that nourishes more than just their intellect.

Every midwife has three unique callings: as student, as caregiver and as teacher. This reflects the three cycles of the female life: young woman, mother and wise woman. Likewise, at Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute, LLC, we also strive to embody these callings in our work as a midwifery school. It is in learning and giving that we become vital in our purpose. Without our roots in this philosophy, the growth of our company would wither.

Our Purpose

It is our purpose to enable new midwives with the same passion for learning, caregiving and teaching and to open up the path of midwifery to a new generation of diverse students. We teach by emulating this humility, care and gratitude. We encourage our students to do the same as they learn the Midwifery Model of Care as defined by organizations such as the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA), the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) and the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM).

As an institution, we remain open and teachable, by humbly seeking input from a diverse Board of Advisors who have shown themselves to be wise in their own communities. From its founding, Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute, LLC, has also remained open to input from the public at large and the student body. We implement regular assessments of our own performance and growth so that we can be made flexible in meeting the needs of our students.

We nurture and care for our students as they develop their skills by helping them fully understand the world in which they are blossoming as midwives. The expectations and challenges midwives face vary from community to community. We are determined to help students navigate this uneasy time in midwifery history so that they might find their own niche and purpose without feeling isolated. We also support our students by striving to maintain a high graduation rate and by simplifying the process for transferring students.

We employ excellent faculty who have demonstrated a passion for teaching so that our students are not only taught by midwives, but by midwives who excel in communicating their skills with joy and gratitude. We provide an interactive program that allows for immediately accessible feedback in learning. We also promote local clinical opportunities for students to allow for an optimum education for all learning types.

Dear Prospective Midwife,

Thank you so much for your consideration of Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute, LLC. Our school offers a three year Traditional Midwifery program, with the possibility of an optional emphasis in either Botanical Midwifery or Christian Midwifery. We also offer midwifery continuing education, homeschool enrichment and personal learning courses.

Our midwifery school is a post-secondary interactive distance vocational school that prepares our students to fulfill the requirements for either unregulated midwifery practice or the PEP process through the North American Registry of Midwives to gain the CPM credential.

We hope that whatever path you take toward your career is a rewarding one and are available to answer any questions about your process that may come up. For more information about our courses and/or to receive an application packet for the Traditional Midwifery program, please email us.


STMI Advisory Board,
Administrators and Staff