Sacred Transitions Midwifery Services

At Sacred Transitions Midwifery, we believe strongly in women receiving access to midwifery care. For this reason our services are negotiated using a sliding scale based on income. Do not let the high cost of midwifery keep you from the birthing experience of your dreams. We serve south-western New Hampshire and central Massachusetts, and can provide prenatal and postpartum care in your home. We will attend to you regardless of your birth location: home, birth center or hospital!

  • full service midwifery
  • Doula services (birth and postpartum)
  • menopause support
  • education
  • placenta encapsulation and herbal extracts
  • breastfeeding support

Our midwives are mothers themselves who have many years of experience in serving birthing families as doulas, childbirth and breastfeeding educators, midwives and parent advocates. They have experience supporting families at births in hospitals, birth centers and at home and have a wide range of experience serving mothers from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. They believe very strongly that childbirth is a unique journey that is best traveled with the support of a strong community and support system. Our midwives bring with them, not only her own wisdom, but also the wisdom of their mentors.

At Sacred Transitions, we believe that the job of a midwife is one of assisting women in developing their own inner trust and connection with their bodies and their babies during the unique journey into motherhood, regardless of whether that birth is easy and natural, difficult and long or even requires medical help. We attempt to support you with a sense of calm and grace through it all and truly believe the most important thing we can remember is that birth is as different and unique as the women who are laboring.

Call or email us today for a free consultation and find out how we can help you on your womanly journey.