Katie O'Day, NHCM, LM, CPM has over ten years of experience supporting health with botanicals. She believes strongly in the power of sustainable medicinal formulating by aligning herself with local growers or through local wild harvesting. She offers consultations with those who are seeking a more natural or gentler means to attaining wellness or managing a chronic condition.

Katie offers consultations from the comfort of the client's home, her office or by phone. Please email or call to schedule.

Consultations are an hour in length and take symptoms, features, lab work, history, nutrition and lifestyle into consideration. Follow up appointments may be 15 or 30 minutes. After each appointment the client will receive nutritional and/or botanical formulary suggestions.

Cost for consultations are as follows:

  • 60 minute Initial consultation: $150 in your home, $75 in office, $60 by phone
  • 30 minute follow up consultation: $120 in your home, $45 in office, $30 by phone
  • 15 minute follow up consultation: $15 by phone
  • All inclusive annual care (unlimited consultations as indicated in office or by phone for a year): $400


    "Katie has helped me tremendously this pregnancy using her knowledge of herbal medicine to relieve various unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. The herbs she has recommended and many times supplied for me have given me energy and strength when I thought I had none and helped me feel a more general wellness than what I had experienced even before pregnancy!"
         --Chelcee H.