Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute

The Faculty


Lori Barklage

Lori and her family live in Catawba NC. For years Lori has enjoyed teaching people how to invest their personal energy for a greater yield. As a Certified TAT® (Tapas Acupressure Technique) Trainer and a speaker at local, national, and international conferences and workshops she specializes in sharing practical tools to empower individuals of all ages. At STMI, Lori contributes a mindfulness and self-healing component to the midwifery education, enabling our graduates to be better prepared to serve mothers while avoiding burn out.


Beth Cannon, LM, CPM

Beth attended National Midwifery Institute and apprenticed as a student midwife before she graduated and became a California licensed midwife in private practice. She has received additional training in advanced midwifery skills and has a passion for teaching and seeing new midwives emerge and serve mothers who have previously encountered barriers to midwifery care.


Khadijah Cisse

Khadijah Cisse is a traditional spiritual midwife, wife, and mother of four who has been attending births since 1999 in various capacities. Living near the border of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and also a close drive to southern Maine, she covers a wide geographical area with both doula and homebirth services.

Having first attended a local midwifery school, Heaven and Earth Midwifery, she went on to complete a full time and very busy apprenticeship with world renowned midwife, Nancy Wainer, where she obtained tremendous experience supporting mothers who, in many cases, would not have had a vaginal birth had they not been given the opportunity to birth at home. Khadijah has since attended hundreds of births both in the U.S. and abroad, and is an advocate of both midwife attended births and freebirth for empowered mothers who choose it. Khadijah supports progressive families of all backgrounds.


Susan DiNatale, CPM

Susan has been a midwife for 24 years. She is licensed in Virginia and attended the Massachusetts Midwives' Alliance training program before taking the NARM exam to become a Certified Professional Midwife. Her experience also includes work as an EMT, being a La Leche League Leader for five years and a postpartum doula for 10 years. She studied anthropology and English literature at Northern Essex Community College.


Shafia Monroe, MPH

In addition to being a Certified Midwife by the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance, she is also a Childbirth Educator, a Doula Trainer, and mother of seven children. Shafia M. Monroe is a health activist, organizer, and international speaker. She holds a BA in sociology, with a concentration in medical sociology, from the University of Massachusetts. Monroe is the founder and President of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC); the nation's first Black midwifery training, breastfeeding promotion and capacity building non-profit organization, headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Shafia is the visionary behind the prominent Black Midwives and Healers Conference that brings midwives and other health care providers together to galvanize resources and implement strategies for reducing infant mortality and strengthening families. In 2006, the Black Midwives and Healers Conference received a Proclamation from Oregon's Governor Ted Kulongoski. In 2007 she authored the Black Midwives and Prenatal Providers Directory-Essential Recipes and Words of Wisdom for Expecting and New Parents.

The Staff


Administrator of Academic Affairs: Nicole Schwartz, CPM

Nicole holds a bachelors with honors in Psychology from Mansfield University and Masters degrees in Social Work and African Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. She earned her midwifery diploma from WomanCraft Midwifery and is a Certified Professional Midwife. Her work experience includes creating and managing programs that use evidence-based approaches to promote access in underserved communities.

Nicole has also worked extensively in public relations and outreach with a focus on community training and event planning. She joins Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute with a passion for its purpose and an incredible skill at articulating that purpose to those who would most benefit and contribute.


Dean of Information and Technology: Steven Hampton

Steven has a background in computers and engineering and was the creator of the interactive online academic portal that allows midwifery students to gain immediate results from their schooling. He serves the school by handling technical problems and issues that students may run into.


Administrative Assistant: Katie McCall, NHCM

Katie is a New Hampshire Certified Midwife who serves the school by taking care of the day to day functioning of the online school, student and faculty coordination at the school office in New Hampshire. She graduated from National Midwifery Institute and became a Certified Professional Midwife in 2010.